A moon with a view...

Moon Audio (a division of Sim Audio) may be new to some of you. But, they are in fact an old and established company with a reputation for producing some very exciting electronics.

Not the least of these is the new
CD5.3 It features looks that you will either love or hate, however, which ever of those camps you fall into there is no denying the completeness of the sound quality that it produces.

Unlike some manufacturers that go for the short lived wow appeal approach, Moon has produced a player that is well balanced in every musical virtue. Considering the expense to which some Moon equipment can go the
5.3 could be seen as somewhat of an audio bargain from their point of view. Don't be mistaken that this is a budget entry machine however, Moons considerable reputation proceeds them and whilst it may not be an entry level player by any stretch of the imagination, you get exactly what you pay for.