Ortofon MC25FL A true classic cartridge.

Some time ago Ortofon introduced the MC25. A moving coil cartridge with a fairly high output, low signal to noise ratio and great tracking ability. Almost overnight it won an array of great reviews. Then, to out do themselves Ortofon decided to take the same body and arrangement but fit it with a finely polished, nude fine line elliptical diamond on an aluminium cantilever. The effects were dramatic. The fine line profile of diamond has been in design for a great many years, however it is costly to make and so generally only fitted to much higher end cartridges. The MC25FL at just £300.00 was a positive bargain. There is nothing that this cartridge doesn't play well. It's that rare cartridge that actually is a musical all-rounder. Now however, the powers to be at Ortofon have realised that it is just costing them to much to make. So, we must wave goodbye to what has been one of my personal favourite cartridges ever. A true classic. But wait, could it just be that one canny dealer has bought all of the remaining stocks? Now who could that be?