Ortofon produce Celebratory high end cartridge

Love them or not, Ortofon have, and continue to, produce some of the Worlds finest cartridges within their price ranges.

Many of the finest of these have been designed by the extremely talented design primo Danish-man Per Winfield. At seventy five he has been designing for over 30 years. But, as time comes to us all, he has decided to retire.

To celebrate this master of the Vinyl pick-up medium,
Ortofon has brought out the Limited Edition MC Windfeld.

Using the legendary Replicant Stylus 100 profile, it offers truly magnificent authority with controlled but full bass and astounding levels of detail. All of this is presented with an open and spacious soundstage and a tonal signature all of its own.

Early audition is advised as they won't be here for ever.