This Genie only grants one wish, but it's a good one..

... and that wish is, 'how do I get great sound from my Vinyl on a tight budget?'

"POOF" as if by magic, the Genie appears.

The new Project Genie mkII follows in what is becoming a great line of heritage from

This little turntable has a big heart but a small price tag, and, an even smaller foot print.

Because of its diminutive design it's a turntable that will fit almost anywhere. There are no bulky chassis or lids to try and cram on to your already full up sideboard, just a small three footed mounting and motor base.

OK, it's true, we don't think that it's going to worry your
SME turntable in terms of performance, but then the price or the Genie wouldn't even buy you an empty SME box!

It's really great value for money with a killer sound per pound ratio that's been recognised by just about all the mags in WH Smith's.

Plus, for those of you who want to make a statement, you can also buy it in a Racing Red finish for just another tenner!

Even Aladdin's lamp didn't come with that colour option.