They don't get much better than this.

The Synthesis Onda valve tuner features FM and AM. It utilises a true valve output stage as well as an excellent magic eye valve for tuning strength. As FM tuners go it offers a sound that at the money is simply unbeatable. In the scheme of tuners only a Magnum Dynalab at over twice the price will get you a better sound quality than this. Available in a huge range of colours it really is a Tuner amongst kings. Want all of the details? Click here to download the PDF.

Harman Kardon TU970 - The perfect solution

So you fancy the extra choice of DAB digital broadcasts, but having read our tuner info page, you don't want to give up the sound quality of FM. The Harman have the perfect answer with the TU970 combination DAB/FM tuner. Offering the best of both worlds it has a great look and a fine FM sound combined with that tantalising extra raft of DAB channels. Radio 7 here we come.

FM tuners. They really don't get any better than this.

When it comes to tuners one of the best known for their ultimate quality is Magnum Dynalab. They produce a number of very fine class leading units but the MD109 is the very pinnacle of tuners. It is without any doubt in my mind the very finest FM tuner in the world today. However, beware. Its amazing sound will cost you as much as a good quality almost new car!
If your feeling flush and fancy the very best there is then call us and we'll get you one before you change your mind.