A Myriad of great performances

Myriad have launched the new MI, and it's a stonker.

The have endowed this unit with just about as many things as is possible.

Top class FM tuner, DAB tuner, CD Player that's well above the crowd, iPod digital interface, it also has inputs for other MP3 players and as the finishing glory a full 100 watts on board amplifier.

What's bound to be popular is the very easy to read on board 3.5" full colour display, so you can easily negotiate your way through your packed iPod player.

Setting up is very easy indeed using the full function remote control.

Once up and running the surprises keep coming. It full sounding with plenty of control and a smooth but open soundstage. There's also plenty of go.

Almost certainly aimed at the Arcam Solo it does a fine job and is sure to find plenty of fans.