New Primare features innovative Design

Primare has launched a new I32 integrated amplifier which boasts a whole host of features.

Excellent sound quality and fine build quality aside, which you can take for granted with pretty much any
Primare device, it comes with a unique optional sound board.

This board gives a number of very handy inputs. Notably 2 x Digital Coaxial inputs, 1 x Toslink optical digital input, 1 x USB input, 1 x SD memory data input with convertor to USB (optional), 1 x LAN input, 1 x Composite or SVideo output for iPod playback, Digital and Analogue audio for iPod/iPhone interface as well as a WiFi/DAB+ interface.

With this optional board in place the whole amplifier becomes more of a media handling centre than just a mere integrated amplifier.
Primare have obviously put a lot of thought into this design.

With its great looks and excellent build aligned to excellent audio qualities and technical finery, this looks to be a truly integrated system in more than just the usual sense.