It's taken an age to arrive - but the wait was worth every second

There are many out there, and you could include us in this one, that thought the new Synthesis integrated amplifier would never arrive.

It was always “about to leave...” and “On the way....”, but, it never actually seemed to be HERE.

Well, as if by magic, in the last weeks of December, Santa came early, because our brand new
Action series 100 arrived.

For those who don’t know why we were all so excited, we should tell you that this is a full 100 watt valve amplifier that incorporates inside the name famous
Matrix Valve DAC.

This is such a substantial bit of kit that we thought we would spend the next three to four weeks getting used to it, running it in and any other expression you could think of, and would then give you a Worlds first full and exclusive review.

This is now complete and so to read the full review, please click “

To download the full manufacturers brochure that covers both the
A100 and its slightly less powerful sibling the A50 version, please click Here.