Tom Evans Audio Design Vibe Pre-Amp Astouds Reviewers Test Gear

Most of you are already aware of how dedicated to Tom Evans Audio Design (TEAD) products we are. In fact, it's no small coincidence that both myself and Doug have TEAD Eikos CD players.

It's also well known that the Groove family of phono stages are pretty much the measuring posts for the ultimate playback of the black stuff.

Many of you will not however, be aware of just how phenomenal the Vibe pre-amplifier is. It would also seem that almost no-one, including the Australian reviewers of their best read high end magazine "Hub" were prepared for the measurement they would get when they tested the Vibe on site. They were, to put it mildly, suitably impressed with figures that no other product at any price had ever come close to. So good were these in fact, that they had to invent a new way of testing things like channel balance and signal to noise ratios, because the Vibe was so quite that their own measuring equipment made more noise than the item they were testing.

For the full review press "

For the test sheet along with their astonishing findings, press below to get the PDF of their results.

If ever you wanted the finest pre-amp that money could buy, then book an appointment with us to try this incredible piece of kit.