New Mark Levinson Pre Amp for those who need the ultimate

I am not a number, I am …..

…………. A World Reference status Pre-Amplifier

Mark Levinson is close to releasing the much awaited successor to the famous two box design Pre Amplifier that ran successfully for a long time.

The new unit will have nothing in relation to the
Nº 326S Pre-Amp which will continue as a more affordable but still excellent alternative.

The all new
Nº52 is set to be their Pièce de résistance and has been designed from the ground up, or more importantly, from the ear out. Weighing in at around £30,000.00, it’s sure not to be an impulse Friday night late shopping item. However, ML are putting their heart and sole into making something that will offer an audiophile open window for the true Hi-Fi connoisseur.

With World beating build quality, looks and feel will be a tactile experience of the highest order, but the sonic capabilities will be the ones that set this unit apart.

Their products have recently been receiving upgrades throughout the range, with the stunning
Nº 512 CD/SACD Player with its Dual Mono design finding many dedicated followers already. This will receive a partnering Integrated amplifier somewhere towards the end of the year, said to be based around one of the already successful power amps that are in production as dedicated units.

Amplifiers like the legendary
Nº53 mono blocs have made ML an industry standard in high end audiophile reproduction, and the new pre-amp looks sure to boost their reputation even further.

We'll post a full listening test as soon as we’ve had a chance to hear it.

In the mean time, people with a large spending allowance should book their demonstrations with us now. The rest of use, should set our looks to drool mode.