The Kandy man can.

Roksan have just released their heavily updated Kandy integrated amp and CD Player.

The new K2 look is very funky and professional looking aligned to the familiar
Roksan family sound, but with a whole host of improvements.

Available in a choice of Black or Silver anodised brushed finishes, they have better bass control and more depth in the sound stage than the models they supersede. More authority also makes them stand out from the crowd.

You'll also get a very nice programmable
Roksan learning remote control with a very handy built in back light (why aren't other people doing that?).

Roksan were always top for build quality anyway, and this has continued on with the new designs, and if possible, maybe even improved.

Many manufacturers may have struggled to upgrade what was already a great little package, but evidently, the Kandy man not only can, but has.