Vienna makes great things other than their whirls

Vienna Acoustics were missing for sometime from our list of preferred speakers, but we are more than welcome to have them back. The mix of great sound allied to incredible build and finish hasn't changed, only improved.

The whole range has had a design facelift taking their already good range to new highs.

But amongst their great range the one's here that we're going to wax lyrical upon is the smallest of them all, the
Haydn Grand. From the moment these were played to us, we fell in love. Regular readers will know that we're not the greatest of lovers when it comes to stand mount speakers. Most of the time we feel that what you loose in the smaller cabinet size is just to great a sacrifice. But you'll be delighted to know that we feel they Haydn Grands not only tick all the right boxes for a small speaker, they tick most of the ones for a large one too.

This is no small sound with a plumby bass line. This is a real open speaker, with a huge natural sound stage, revealing all the subtleties of my favourite Jacques Lousier disc, but at the same time playing all those glories double bass notes like it was second nature.

These small but exquisitely crafted boxes look fabulous, sound fabulous and would suit even the smallest of listening rooms. The only thing that's not small about them is the sound, and that's as big as any decent floor standing speaker would give you without the need for extra space.

Maybe I might just re-think my stance on small speakers?