Triangle Signature Delta Impresses

It’s no secrete how much we like Triangle speakers. We’ve been recommending them for over twenty years. Now, there’s even more reasons to like them in the form of the new Signature series.

Strikingly gorgeous to look at means that it’s no struggle to visualise them in your living room, and that’s before you’ve even played any music through them. They utilise the same horn loaded tweeter that you would get from in incredible
Magellan range speakers, and this is one of the very best there is. It’s a crafted bit of kit. Similar care has been taken with the design and implementation of the mid and bass range drivers, all incidentally designed and produced exclusively by Triangle themselves.

The overall package is one of complete musical coherence. They offer the listener a real sound of character. Don’t expect a bland Euro style of sound. This is not a pair of B&W’s, built to shift boxes. Not everyone will like them as much as us, but those that appreciate their magic will really understand what
Triangle has achieved.

Triangle Delta

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