Speaker from the next dimension arrives in this one

Only once in a very long time do we get something that takes our breath away. For 2010 it’s arrived in the shape of a speaker from our favourite cable manufacturer - Shinpy.

Regulars will know that (in our humble opinion) the best interconnects and speaker cables in the World come from
Shinpy in Italy. Shinpy also manufactures speakers under the guise of Claravox. This fortunately for us, gives us access to some wonderful products from Claravox we otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

The Dogma speaker is a speaker par excellence that quite simply takes your breath away even before you get a chance to hear them.

They are a grand speaker in every sense of the word. At almost six feet tall, they’re no icon of discretion, but then these speakers make a statement. This are not petit wall flowers to be hidden in the corner behind a potted plant. They are the kind of speaker that becomes a centre piece of your room, and rightly so. Further more, there is no finish that you can imagine that you can’t have. The paint finish, the front baffle make up. It is all yours to choose. Want it in Ferrari red (well Ferrari did for their factory reception area!) - then feel free. Want metallic purple - why not. Would you like the front finished in Carbon Fibre - that’s no problem. These speakers are totally customisable to your personal specification.

So, we’ve established that they look like no other speaker - in the best possible way. But you’ll be please to know they sound like no ordinary speaker either - in the best way possible.

They possess an openness and depth of sound unlike no other speaker we’ve ever heard. Because of their vast sound stage, they seem to produce detail and information from the air. A whole landscape of sounds paints a portrait that Constable would have been proud of.

Of course, this kind of exclusivity and complete attention to audio and visual detail never is. At £50,000.00 it’s one of the most expensive speakers we’ve ever tested. But as a true measure of their capabilities, we would have to say, if we had the money, there isn’t any other speaker we would spend it on in preference.

However, all is not nirvana, as it never is. They are a very limited edition. The run of just 99 pairs Worldwide will take a while to get through. But even so, it means at some point, they’re going to be gone. The very sad part about that is, someone, sometime, is going to hear a pair and be able to afford the matching price tag, and they’re going to want them, and they’re going to want them bad, but they will be gone. And, like the best dreams, they will fade into the ether, and you’ll know they were there, but you just cannot go back to it in anything but a memory.