In case you thought that lederhosen was the only thing to come from Vienna...

...Meet what is (within the bounds of reason) one of the finest loudspeakers you may ever hear.

The Vienna Klimt series only has one model at present, the aptly named "
Music", but what a speaker that is.

This incredible looking tower features a number of innovative design principles that make it a speaker that is really up there with the best.

As with all
Vienna Acoustics speakers the build quality is without peers. Detailing, cabinet work and veneer as well as driver quality are all exemplary.

But the sound, ahh the sound, is truly something else. It's an expensive speaker, sure, but that is in no way a guarantee of final sound quality. There are plenty of expensive speakers out there, but they are certainly not all reference quality sound reproducers.

Musics however most certainly are.

Strangely for such a big speaker they don't suffer from an overwhelming bass like many can do when subjected to less than perfect placement or room sizes. Instead they just seem to "be" in any room you want to put them in.

The best description of their whole sound presentation would be that of a great electrostatic speaker, but with a rich musically bass and without the worries of two metres of clear air needed behind them.

Looking at them alone seems to be a statement in authority, they seem to give the appearance of solidity not unlike perhaps the way you would look at Mount Everest and think 'that looks fairly stable'

Their vise like grip is uncanny with a level of realism few others approach.

The cleaver design of the cabinet enables you to site the speaker where it's best for you, and yet still aim the tweeter independently by means of a worm screw device at the back of the speaker. So you need never be out of the hotspot just because you cannot aim the bulk of the cabinet straight at you.

So it would seem,
music by name and music by nature.