This year, a small number of decided to make the trip to Germany, and specifically to the High End Hi-Fi show in Munich.

It was a bit of a damp day, but the complex where the event is held is well set out, and all indoors. It’s a fair size show, certainly quite a bit bigger than shows we get at home. It also has some completely wacky high end equipment. Turntables at £100,000.00, speakers as big as your living room and valve amps that look like they would require a small nuclear reactor to run.

Some of the stars of the show where the new Triangle Acoustics range. Although the high end range look very fine indeed, the biggest stars where the more affordable and room friendly Genese and Esprit ranges. All the models seemed good, but as always, some stand out as being head and shoulder clear. Perhaps one to audition would be the Antals. At £1400.00 they are simply wonderful.

As we said earlier, turntables abound, from the very affordable new Project all the way through the insane Horo and finally on to the

Of course, no show would be a real High End show without a range of equally over the top speakers

The mammoth speakers below where the size of a small room and were made by Western Electric circa 1948 - However, I would have to comment that they were actually producing one of the finest sounds at the show. Utterly uncluttered and open. I’m not to sure what the wife acceptance factor is on these though - pretty low I’m thinking.

For those of you interested, we’re thinking of taking a whole plane load of us next year as it was such a great time (it really was!). Each ticket will come with a straight jacket and a wallet padlock.

Let us know.