Measurement of colour refers to the depth, range and accuracy of colours reproduced by screens.

Prior to seeing the LCD and plasma comparisons, perceptions among the base group – that were aware of the two technologies prior to the research – revealed a belief that plasma’s colour performance is ahead of LCD’s. When asked ‘Which display format is the best for colour?: 43 per cent of respondents selected plasma, 32 per cent indicated that LCD has the best colour performance while 25 per cent voiced the view that both technologies deliver equal colour reproduction.

European mean scores:
Which display format is the best for colour?

Before comparison:------------------------After comparison:

Plasma flat screen is best for this.

LCD flat screen is best for this.

LCD and plasma are equal for this.

After watching the comparison video sequence, the number of people who felt that LCD is the leading flat panel format for colour fell to 24 per cent while 65 per cent of people favoured plasma for ‘colour quality’.

Note: Respondents were given the following explanation for colour: The extent to which the colours that are shown on the screen are in line with their natural appearance.