Onkyo builds a coup'

In a serious coup' for the industry Onkyo have beat everybody of the starting blocks with the TX-SR605 Home Cinema receiver. So why do I hear you ask is this such a coup? (I do hear you ask don't I?) Well, it's because this seriously affordable little amp is the first to feature the new High Definition sound formats - Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. What this amp doesn't have isn't worth thinking about. The spec is massive. Follow the link to check it out. It's in stock now and it won't be hanging about so call us now.

Lexicon knows no bounds

Lexicon have always been known for their high end processors and the latest MC-12 is a tour de-force of high end home cinema processing. The separation and steering of effects is nothing short of astonishing. Containing the processing power of a good computer it is able to decode Dolby Digital and DTS using its own Logic7 algorithm with staggering results.

Harman Kardons now with up-scaling.

Harman Kardon have introduced up-scaling on their new AVR347 model. Details coming soon