Don't copy Cinema sound - Own it!

For those who have long dreamt of having a Cinema like system at home, need dream no more. You don’t have to have something like the Cinema, now you can have a Cinema. How?

It’s easy, because the true masters of Cinema and Movie sound - DTS - have produced their own high end Cinema Processor.

DTS parent company
Datasat have made the de-facto Cinema audio processor - The AP20 - for some time, and it’s established itself as the only Cinema processor for the Worlds most serious Cinema Theatres. Datasat started in 1991 as Digital Theatre Systems (DTS) and introduced millions of movie goers to Digital 5.1 Surround Sound with the June 1993 release of Juarrasic Park. The digital playback systems were delivered to over 30,000 screens across the World over the next 15 years. These products are still considered to be the premium audio offering in digital sound for film releases. But, this pro-machine is just that, a Pro machine. It simply doesn’t work for the home environment.

However, the new
RS20i will not only work at home, it has been designed from the floor up with the finest Audio and Cinema reproduction in mind. As you might expect from a company responsible for the invention and continuing R&D of the DTS sound format system, it’s a no holes barred unit with only the very highest specification components and build. State of the art digital signal processing, Dirac Live Room Optimisation, 3rd Octave, Parametric & Shelving EQ’s on all channels. Individual Channel & Global Delays. Low, High or Bandpass on all channels. Virtual Network Control from Smart Phones, Tablets & Laptops. Full Bass Management. HDMI v1.4a

So, as you’ve probably guessed by now, this is not an Onkyo/Yamaha/Arcam/Harman/Pioneer competitor. That’s roughly the equivalent of thinking that the latest Mclaren has been brought out to take on a Skoda Fabia. Nothing wrong with a Skoda, but the McLaren is simply on a different level of existence.

Likewise the
Datasat RS20i. It’s not going to be for everyone, as you’d expect, it’s not cheap. But for those few lucky enough to be able to afford it, it will be a level of Home Theatre and Audio performance hitherto unobtainable.