WireWorld stays top of the game with HDMI 1.4

HDMI cables have always caused a bit of a stir. There will always be the people who say “they’re all the same, you can’t see any difference”. And of course we respect their opinion, no matter how outrageously wrong it might be!

Let’s face it, you’d have to be blind and deaf not to notice the difference a "came in the box" lead is over a high specification modern HDMI lead can be.

In our opinion,
WireWorld has always provided the very best the HDMI system has to offer. Now, with their latest spec cables they have even more to boast about.

They’ve even introduced a new ultra high end cable with 24 signal conductors, 12-48 bit Deep colour handling, 120-480Hz refresh rate support, 1080P to HD4K resolution and up to 30Gbps data transfer rate for those who require the very peak of the available quality in their system.

However, from the most humble
Island7 to the Jack the Giant killer Platinum Starlight, they all perform way above the competition for picture stability, audio reproduction and high speed data transmission. Plus, they are all now 4K compatible.

Ask us to show you the range in the shop now.

D-Box - Trust us, you're definitely going to want this.

So now you've got your big screen TV, or possibly for the luckiest of you, you've got a projector and a nice big screen. You've also got your 5.1 or 7.1 digital surround sound system. If your really lucky you may even have Blu-Ray Hi-Def playback.

So you've got stunning picture and even more stunning sound. Basically, you've got it covered, right?


Enter the D-Box.

Unbeknown to most people a new revolution is quietly taking place. Some of you may have noticed on the back of a Blu-Ray disc box, or sometimes even in the disc's menu it's self, a small logo saying "D-Box code compatible" has appeared.

So what is it? Do you really want to know? Because we should tell you, if you find out, your going to want it, and it's not cheap!

So if your feeling brave click "
HERE" for the full review.

But don't say we didn't warn you!

"D-Box, there's never been anything like it."

WireWorld mains cables - take the 5 minute challenge.

Wireworld produce a range of mains leads which vary in price from a tidy some to the down right expensive. They come in lengths from 1.5 metres and up-wards. You can't get shorter as this doesn't work because of their technology. We urge you, if you have ever wondered if a mains lead really can make a difference then come and take the five minute challenge. But be ready to be converted.