OPPO launches astonishing Blu-Ray multimedia player

OPPO have launched a new successor to it’s original and highly successful BDP-83 Blu-Ray player.

The new
BDP93EU is a technical tour de force. Great sound & picture quality, Hard drive capable movie playback, full onboard 8 channel decoding, twin HDMI outputs.... the list appears endless.

Check this astonishing spec:

  • Blu-ray 3D™
  • Exceptional picture and sound quality
  • 2nd generation Marvell Qdeo™ video processing
  • Network streaming
  • Advanced DVD up-conversion to 1080p
  • SACD & DVD-Audio/Video
  • Wireless-N (Wi-Fi 802.11n)
  • eSATA & Dual USB 2.0 ports with NTFS support
  • Dual HDMI outputs
  • External IR & RS232 control for complete system integration
For a full list of all the specifications, see the dedicated OPPO 93 page - here.