Primare is primary

For those seeking a universal player of the finest calibre, there can be few contenders offering quite the same level of performance and panache as Primare’s new DVD30.

Uncompromising in its selection of the finest components, the
DVD30’s innovative circuit topology promises class leading standards of reliability and performance allied with an impressive range of features.

Equipped with the latest triple 192 kHz/24-bit audio DACs and fully balanced outputs, the
DVD30 will provide sound quality of an exceptionally high standard. DVD-A, DVD, DVD-R/RW, SACD, CD, CD-R & MP3 are all handled with equal dexterity.

The highly regarded pixelworks™ and Analog Devices video processors combine to create exceptional digital and analogue video outputs. The DVi output, capable of 720 and 1080 resolutions, provides the optimal digital video transmission for today’s DLP projectors, TFT screens and Plasmas. For a display device with analogue video inputs the
DVD30 provides multiple options including: Component video, Composite and S-Video outputs. Progressive scan is available for both PAL and NTSC material. Sixteen video parameter adjustments and three user memories provide complete control of image optimisation.

Working with the adage - you get what you pay for - the
Primare offers class leading performance.