Oppo excellence - new reference grade Blu-Ray player

We all thought the Oppo BDP-93EU was the cream of the crop, until Oppo themselves throw a spanner in the works and give us the Oppo BDP-95EU.

Amazingly the
Oppo BDP-95EU not only gives us everything amazing that makes the Oppo BDP-93EU so good, it also surpasses and squashes out any remaining weakness that may have been present.

You are guaranteed fantastic 1080p24 output from Blu-Rays and the Marvel video processing for standard definition sources is exemplary. in addition it handles nearly every format out in the wild including 3D.

One of the greatest improvements is it also now offers excellent audio replay for both analogue and rather unexpectedly, digital. The suprise here is that the digital output is actually better than the already fine performance standard set by the

A new reference build quality, separate power supplies and additional shielding to cut back on any interference between components. Reference level DACs, balanced XLR and dedicated stereo outputs, 7.1 output analogue decoded, dual HDMI and 2Gb internal storage, the list goes on. It all makes this industrial sexy finish a killer package very few can touch. Available to purchase from us today.