Lexicon RT-20 - The last great DVD machine?

With the on set of Blu-Ray and the many exciting things this brings with it, the world of standard DVD seems to be taking a back seat.

But if like us, you've already built up a sizeable collection of DVD's, then you can be forgiven for thinking that you should be playing these back in the best possible way.

Blu-Ray machine of course playback DVD, and even up-scale it. But sadly not as well as many ordinary DVD machines at even modest prices. Even worse, DVD machines will now, never get ay better, because in their rush to get to Blu-Ray it's becoming the forgotten format.

So what do we do with the huge collection of discs we have if you want the very best picture you can get for them?

The answer. The
Lexicon RT-20

Now you can forgiven for thinking that this reference end of DVD replay is completely beyond most people pocket. With it's amazing build, great CD transport mechanism, Audiophile quality CD replay, class leading DVD up-scaled picture replay, SACD and DVD Audio onboard processing it's all beginning to look like another of those dreams that we'll just never get too. To be honest at it's retail price of £3500.00, yes that's right, £3500.00. You would probably be right.

However, in a one off coup' for us, we have managed to get a small number of brand new, fully warranted multi-region machines for an incredible saving.

These machines are on a 1st come, 1st served basis at just £900.00 We've already sold around fourteen, but they don't arrive for about another eight days and we still have the chance of just a couple more.

I must admit that I was first in the cue, so every one else has had to get behind me!