Harman Blu-Ray was worth the wait

The Harman Kardon BDP 10 finally arrived with us recently.

Our initial disappointment at having waited quite so long for it was soon swept aside when we plugged it in.

Our bench measurement for Blu-Ray has always been the PS3. This is because of a number of things. The PS3 is affordable, reads the disc quite quickly, has good picture quality from Blu-Ray replay, acceptable replay from DVD and thanks to its updatable status, the latest Blu-Ray profile operating firmware.

Many players that come out, struggle to equal the PS3 playback picture quality, let alone beat it. Some are frustratingly slow, and many are overpriced.

The expensive players from the high street boys (Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Denon) have offered a better picture quality, but not by a vast margin, and they are getting close to a thousand pounds for the better ones.

The Harman weighs in at £600.00, so it’s no bargain basement, but that’s pretty much our only grumble.

From the word go, the picture has incredible black levels, and due to its lack of pulldown in its picture decoding, the movement is smooth and jagged free. This gives greater depth of picture which leads to a more film like presentation. However the big shock came with the sound. The replay from all formats of sound was a vast improvement over our previous experience with other models. Considerably more open, greater transients and greater detail levels, all help to bring the movie to life at a higher level than any other Blu-Ray player we’ve tried.

You’ll also be glad to know that the Dvd replay at 1080P is not a let down as it is with so many Blu-Ray players. CD replay is predictably OK, but no better, however this is pretty much the same throughout the breed. If you want decent audio replay, buy a dedicated CD Player.

It’s on permanent dem in the shop, so pop in and take a look.