HD Component to be chopped.

In its ever increasing paranoia about piracy, the industry looks set to finish HD output through component sockets by no longer fitting them on playback devices from the 31st December 2010. Any equipment supplied with component sockets after that date will not show anything higher than SD resolutions (480 or 576i).

Insisting that HDMI should be the only way to transmit HD pictures after that time, there is even the possibility that discs will come encoded with something called “An Image Constraint Token”, which will turn off HD output from the players that already have existing component sockets fitted. This includes set top boxes offering HD content also.

HDMI has been a huge pain to installers across the World as multi-room systems struggle to work correctly with the many HDMI glitches such as - failure to support long distance transmissions without the cost of expensive cables, repeaters and balancers, displays not receiving correct handshake recognition resulting in loss of picture, picture breakdown and the list goes on somewhat. Component on the other hand exhibited very little to none of those particular problems, so its loss will be seen as a disappointment.

Still, welcome to the digital age, no one said it was perfect!