Incredible new DVDO scaler is how cheap??!!! That must be mistake.

Long time experts in video processing, DVDO have produced over the years a raft of excellent class leading products. All of which do in incredible job and have enriched the picture quality of many a high end and medium scale projector.

But now they have really pulled one out of the hat.

The brand new "
Edge" is a scaler par excellence' but with a price tag that beggars belief.

It offers an incredible 6 HDMI inputs, a component, an SVideo, a composite, 3 Coaxial and 1 Optical input.

It fully upscales to a rock solid 1080P with precision Interlacing, Mosquito Noise Reduction as well as a whole host of other processing features to greatly enhance all types of picture, from your humble VHS all the way up to Blu-Ray Hi-Def. And If you think that their pictures can't get any better, then wait until you try the new
Edge and you'll soon get your answer.

So everyone out there with either an LCD, Plasma or projector can get the real picture improvement that would have hitherto cost you thousands, but now for just £600.00

That's right, we did say £600.00

At that price you get the Rabbit and the Hat!