Vidikron high end vision

Vidikron is a name that has been an industry great for many years, to many of you however it may be a new one. Vidikron has always produced items that are at the top of many people wish list, their latest range of projectors climbs even higher. With their most affordable model - the VM70 - starting at around £9000.00 they are not going to be selling in a rush, and their top model - the VM120 - weighs in at a hefty £32,000 making it above the range of many people pockets. However, make no mistake, you get exactly what you pay for. Eye popping clarity, 3 chip DLP, full 1080p Dark Matter3 chip set and full THX certification mark these ahead of the pack. But what really singles Vidikron out is their Cinewide system. When you watch a 2.35:1 movie on a standard chip, a third of the resolution of the panel is wasted producing the black bars at the top and the bottom. The Vidikron system utilises these to produce the picture itself and then uses a clever lens system to re-size the the picture back to its correct format. Have a read of the site to understand it better, but the results are simply stunning. If you feel yourself reaching for your cheque book then give us a call and we can arrange a demonstration for you.