Runco's basket has golden eggs

If your like me and have too much money to spend and so find yourself wanting a new 3D projector. Let’s say your not a fan of Sony and JVC’s active glasses are too much hassle and require the Top Gun of pictures so what do you do?
Why not buy yourself a
More specifically a
Runco 3Dimension D-73d 3D projector.

This dual stack passive D-73d 3D projector provides you with all of your eggs in one basket with more besides!

For start, it's a
Runco, then we have the fact its based around the latest LED light technology, its passive 3D that offers 1080p 3D pictures without the need for expensive active 3D glasses. Enjoying 3D correctly will say good bye to eye strain or loss of brightness and say hello to a rich experience full of depth and enhanced viewing pleasure.

The multi award winning Runco D-73d has got everyone talking and rightly so. It is an amazing projector that will complement any dedicated home cinema room or family room where it can be enjoyed time and time again. At this point I better come clean, I currently don’t actually own one, though I have had the pleasure of using one on many occasions, now if that lottery ticket pays out tonight this will be the first item on my charge card.