Amazing Pop up Nuvu screens - we've got the lot.

The amazing NUVU screens have now finished production, but we liked them so much that we bought the lot!

Fully portable pop up screens by NUVU.


Incredible new DVDO scaler is how cheap??!!! That must be mistake.

Long time experts in video processing, DVDO have produced over the years a raft of excellent class leading products. All of which do in incredible job and have enriched the picture quality of many a high end and medium scale projector.

But now they have really pulled one out of the hat.

The brand new "
Edge" is a scaler par excellence' but with a price tag that beggars belief.

It offers an incredible 6 HDMI inputs, a component, an SVideo, a composite, 3 Coaxial and 1 Optical input.

It fully upscales to a rock solid 1080P with precision Interlacing, Mosquito Noise Reduction as well as a whole host of other processing features to greatly enhance all types of picture, from your humble VHS all the way up to Blu-Ray Hi-Def. And If you think that their pictures can't get any better, then wait until you try the new
Edge and you'll soon get your answer.

So everyone out there with either an LCD, Plasma or projector can get the real picture improvement that would have hitherto cost you thousands, but now for just £600.00

That's right, we did say £600.00

At that price you get the Rabbit and the Hat!

Incredible InFocus IN80 makes it's debut - Full 1080 on a budget

There is simply no other word for it - it's stunning.

OK, so we understand that it's not going to be knocking the IN81, 82 or 83 off of their high perch any time soon, but the simple fact is, that at it's price point it really is unbeatable.

IN80 has full 1080 x 1920 resolution using the TI DarkChip DLP chipset. It has HDMI 1.3 with Deep Colour support and can display up to 1.07 Billion colours. It boasts a very impressive 2500:1 (native) up to 7500:1 (iris enabled) contrast ration with a nice bright 1300 ansi lumens brightness. It also uses Pixelworks DNX 10-bit video processor to provide artifact free images and seamless motion.

Add this
spec up and you get a stunning image up to 4m wide. Enough to fill the vision of even the most ardent gamer or home cinema buff.

But this still leaves the best part..... it's price.

At just £1299.00 the
InFocus IN80 has put full 1080P HD resolution projection images within the reach of all of us.

Come in and see ours set up on demonstration now, and like us, we think you'll be nothing but impressed.

1.85 to 1, 2.35 to 1, whatever the ratio, this screen does it.

Projecta have been making top of the line projection screens for many years, but their Varivision Electrol is really a smart piece of kit.

Normally when you watch a 1.85 to one movie (16:9) it fills your screen, however when you watch a Cinemascope movie in 2.35 to 1 (which is most modern movies) then you have a huge gap between the projected image and the area that masks the screen. This detracts from the overall movie experience considerably.

With the
Projecta Varivision Electrol however, you can adjust the masking black areas so the format is always correct. Because of this masking your perceived contrast is also greatly increased. It come pre-programmed with the usual sizes, but you can also program in any other format you desire which you can then select with the remote control.

The screen material, as you would expect from such a class act, is a high tension high contrast type, bringing you fuller colours and great black levels.

Check out the pictures below to see an example of both 1.85 to 1 and 2.35 to 1 (16:9 and Cinemascope).

It's 16:9.......

now it's Cinemascope!

New Planar 1080P projector with optical lens shift - Double Wow!

Planar have already shown how they can make a truly great projector, but the new PD8150 is outstanding.

It features optical lens shift. Those of you who are in the know about companies like
Vidikron and Runco, will know that they have a real party trick. When you buy a projector that has an chip resolution of 1920 by 1080 (1080P as you no doubt all getting used to), this is only a measurement of the chip resolution when viewing a movie in the format of the chip. So, when you watch a film that is in 16:9 (1.85 to 1) it will fill the entire output chip (be it DLP mirrors or LCD panels). However, when you watch a film that is 2.35 to 1, which is most modern movies, the top and bottom quarter sections are only producing black bars. A real waste of resolution.

Planar PD8150 uses very clever optical lens shift so that it utilises the entire 1080 pixels high to produce the picture, and then the lens puts it back into the correct 2.35 to 1 format for viewing.

The results are nothing short of stunning. Add to this very impressive 15000 to 1 contrast ratio and an even more impressive whisper quite 29 db noise level.

This really is a glimpse of true high end projection at what now is seriously getting to be affordable for those who really treasure there Home Cinema experience. £4400.00 is not pocket money, but neither is it a kings ransom.