Infocus 1080p projectors hit the ground running.

Infocus have long since offered the finest value in projectors. They are always seen as the ones to beat. Now the arrival of two new models, the IN81 and IN82 are offering 1080p pictures at a cost that will leave the other manufacturers gasping for breath. Initial orders already well outstrip supplies.

The IN81 uses the Darkchip2
© and offers 3000:1 contrast ratio. Pretty impressive stuff and probably enough combined with it's 1080p handling to make you reach for your cheque book, except.....

That except is the
IN82. At £500.00 more (and we're not being blasé' about £500.00 here) get the fabulous Texas Instruments Darkchip3© with its special mirror coating giving an outstanding 4000:1 native contrast ratio. All this is achieved at a very bright 1500 Ansi-lumens. So no need to live in the dark with this projector.

Lots of other very impressive specs are available for this unit. Check them out