Sim2 as good as ever

Wouldn’t it be great to use a projector like you use a TV. One of the minor annoying aspects for people who wish to use a projector in the on/off fashion like a TV is the warm up and cool down cycle. Well, say hello to the Grand Cinema Mico range of projectors from the world of Sim2.

It would be understatement saying that the Italians have nailed it with this one, not only have you got the convenience of being able to turn this projector on and off like a TV, but it will also produce a picture that outclasses most TVs. Onboard the
Mico we have the latest from Texas Instruments with the DLP DarkChip 4 chip for the most film like images with outstanding sharpness. Additionally, not being based on a conventional bulb and colour wheel, those who find they suffer rainbow effects from standard DLP projectors will find it completely absent from the Mico.

What more could you want from the Grand Cinema Mico? How about perfect colour, a bright punchy image and great blacks for that immersive movie and television experience. Did I forget to mention you that you don’t need to worry about bulbs, I think I did, why, well being based on the latest LED light engine you don’t have a bulb to change . Producing a perfect image that wont dull or age until the day the projector is retired. SIM2 very conservatively pitches the lamp life at at around 30,000 hours or 5 hours a day for over 16 years, at this point you might actually wish to upgrade to the latest SIM2 projector!