Where's my hat - I may have to eat it

Planar will not be known to many of you, but in reality they are one of the Worlds largest display manufacturers. Things like cash machine display, petrol pump displays, hospital displays, many of these are made by Planar.

As such there is no reason that you should pay any attention to this. It's not until we mention names like Runco and Vidikron that all of a sudden their name will mean more. Because Planar is the owner of these brands.

Those of you who read the mags will also realise that
Planar make some VERY nice home cinema projectors. Very nice indeed.

However they also make a range of high end LCD monitors.

Now regular readers of our pages will know that large LCD's are as popular with us as, well....... let's not go there. But, it seems like we may have to re-think our position on this.

PD470 is their flagship 47" LCD monitor. On the face of it you may think that there are already plenty of these out there, but not like this.

Planar has poured all of its substantial knowledge into this high flyer of an LCD. Motion blur is all but non-exsistent, Black levels are on par with the best Plasma, viewing angle is even decent. Further more it is fully
HD with 1080 x 1920 resolution and 24P capable. It also has a very attractive picture frame surround in Piano Black, which aids the viewing experience. As it is purely a monitor panel, it has no speakers and therefore is very small relative to its picture size, so no need to take over the living room.

Why is it this good? The reasons are many fold, but in a nutshell, they have used the finest available panel coupled to a very high grade on board video processor. Higher than any other manufacturer has fitted to a panel up to now, and even higher than many stand alone scaling boxes.

The results are clearly evident, this panel has greater depth of field in its picture than any other panel, be it LCD or Plasma than we've ever seen. It really is a kind of 3D realism.

With this much on offer it certainly isn't a cheap option. But for the discerning viewer who wants the very best it is the only stop.

We urge you to check out the spec on
Planars web page.

But more than that, come in and see it working, as seeing is really believing.