Planar awarded - The Very Best picture a Screen can offer - Twice!

Having made a fuss recently about the fact that we thought that the new Planar LCD range (37", 42" & 47" screens) posses the finest pictures we had ever seen on a flat panel display, regardless of type or make, we are rather please to have been backed up by two astonishing reviews. (See the links at the bottom of article).

The What Plasma & LCD TV magazine made comments including "The very best picture a screen can offer", "Let loose with a Blu-ray disc, fine detailing is immaculate and shadow detailing makes most rivals look second rate" and lastly "able to swagger comfortably along as the very highest definition of a premium TV".

Awarded five Gold stars as well as the coveted "Editors choice" award.

As if this high praise wasn't enough independent reviewers - Trusted Reviews came to the same conclusions. They too gave it top stars for picture and slipped up by believing it was £600.00 more than it really is, even so they still gave it 7 out of 10 for value. It follows that if they had had the price right they would have awarded 8 if not 9 out of 10.

Their comments were just as impressive with "
quite possibly the single most impressive images we've yet seen on an LCD TV", "fantastically cinematic sense of depth" and also "this outstanding image cleanliness also extends to standard definition sources, which the PD470 converts into HD for display more successfully than any other full HD LCD TV".

So don't delay, come in and be as amazed as us and check out the incredible Planar panel on demonstration in shop now.

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