New Hitachi Plasma offers more.

Hitachi has long been our favourite Plasma manufacturer for picture quality.
(Actually our favourite is Fujitsu - who invented the Plasma. However, their cost rules them out for most people, but as we've mentioned before, Fujitsu is owned by
Hitachi. So, the technology developed by World leading Fujitsu filters across to Hitachi usually three months later).

The new Hitachi
42" and 50" inch screens both feature 1080 lines and 1080p handling for startling images, even from standard material. On Hi-Def they look drop dead gorgeous.

Add to this HDMi and Component inputs, A host of Scarts, Memory card reader, Computer input, Freeview and Analogue tuners, as well as a motorised swivel base and the package becomes complete.

They also feature a new look and can come with a rather special
Piano Black surround.

Priced very competitively it looks like our opinion of
Hitachi will continue for some time to come.