The very Pinnacle of Home Cinema speakers. Everest

JBL Synthesis systems have always been held in the highest of esteem. The pinnacle of that system has now reached new hights with the Everest.

Powered by 11 JBL Synthesis S820 amplifiers, this system is an unprecedented technological marvel that delivers the absolute peak of sound reproduction.

The whole system comprises of 3 x
DD6600 - Everest II loudspeakers (surely one of the finest speakers available in the World today), 8 (yes, that’s Eight) SK2-3300 BT LCR monitors, 4 x S1S-EX Subwoofers, 11 x S820 Power Amplifiers, 1 x SDP40HD AV Processor and finally 1 x SDEC4500 Digital EQ system.

The shear impact and dynamics of this system leave most others to pale by comparison. Your minimum room size should be around 3500 cubic foot, but could be as large as 100,000 cubic foot. This is certainly a system for the big boys.

But, what a system. Little else out there can match it, and no other single brand matched system comes close.

Fitting such a system requires one of only a handful of selected experts to make it work, and we here at Audio Images are proud to be counted in that low number.

For the fortunate few, we will offer complete planning, building spec and installation from start to finish. Whether you want a themed Cinema based around your favourite movie with the latest
D-Box motion seating, or a room that simply offers the most comfortable seating experience possible, we offer it all.

Our range of projectors from
Barco and Runco will offer you the matching highest picture reproduction aligned to a Screen Research or Stewart projection screen.

So, is it cheap? No, this highest end comes with a price tag to match.

Can it be put into my Lounge? No, this requires a room dedicated to the purpose. We can fit it to an existing room of course, but it’s not plug and play.

Will it offer me a level of Home Cinema reproduction that few others are lucky enough to experience. Absolutely.

Call us now to book and onsite visit to discuss your planned investment in this, the very
Everest of Home Cinema systems.

For those who wish for a system that is a complete synergy of parts, but feel that their budget does not quite stretch to the Everest system, then please rest assured, that the
JBL Synthesis system approach is available in many formats to suit different room sizes and budgets, so this no compromise solution to the ultimate in Home Cinema reproduction may be closer to your dream than you thought. Call us and we’ll talk you through the available options to find the right one for you.