In wall offers total audio.

In wall speakers used to be a get by, something you used because you didn't really like audio and you didn't want to see speakers. They offered sound, but anything other than background listening found them to be severely limited.

Speakercraft applied their vast knowledge to this problem, and the latest range offers sound at least equal to many free standing audiophile speakers of choice.


The dipole range shown above gives excellent dispertion characteristics especially for surround sound. Although there are other models that offer more stereophile type dispersion patterns.

The in thing is in ceiling

The world of custom installations and discrete fitting has moved forward the choice and performance of in wall and in ceiling speakers enormously. However keeping out in front is the one thing that the World famous SpeakerCraft brand has been doing for over 30 years.

Cutting edge design has always been Speakercrafts main stay with a series of World firsts. Their new Time series in ceiling motorised speaker breaks new ground yet again.

But of course, don't think that they only deal in the most expensive end. The excellent CRS range has very high dispersion, so you won't be left with dead areas in your room. They are also fitted with a fully pivotable tweeter to make sure you are in the 'sweet spot' no matter where you sit. These start at just £150.00

Their attention to detail shows in that they even supply a plastic shroud in case you wish to paint the grill the same colour as your ceiling. Come and see and hear our demonstration models in the shop and see how discrete audio has moved on.