Centre of your multi-channel universe

Centre channel do a massive amount of work in your system. The most often heard complaint is in fact "I can't hear what their saying". This makes people turn up the volume more to compensate. The only trouble with that is that the centre gets louder, but then so does everything else. It's what's commonly known as a catch 22 situation.

A good centre channel can really make a huge difference. Bringing out the voices with crystal clear clarity makes the whole cinema experience much more enjoyable.

To that end
Mirage has introduced its new Ultimate centre, the OMD-C2 is all of the substantial knowledge that Mirage has learnt about centres poured into one model.

The C2 features Omnipolar technology for wide dispersion, but without sacrificing the pin point accuracy required to split all of the different things that will be going on in the centre at any one time. It utilises one Chambered Titanium dome tweeter, one Multi-layer Carbon fibre/Fibreglass Hybrid midrange unit and finally, two 6.5" multi-layered Carbon fibre bass drivers. This is a centre channel that takes no prisoners.

Beautiful to look at this handsome beast weighs in at a hefty 15 KG. Available in three stunning finishes, Piano Black, High Gloss Burled Maple and High Gloss Rosewood.

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