Chario returns & is the centre of attraction

As reported ‘here’ on our site, we are pleased to announce the return of the Italian supremo speaker brand Chario.

Amongst the demo kit we have is their new
Phoenix centre channel. What a great bit of kit. For all of those people out there that comment - “I can’t hear what they’re saying” or “why is he mumbling?” then this may very well be the answer to all of your problems.

The centre channel has long been recognised as being one of the most important channels there is in your system, and an in-effective one can be the ruin of a great system. Even when the system is calibrated correctly, you can find speech gets swallowed up with the noise of the other channels, making following dialog all but impossible. You then turn up the sound to hear the speech better, and the other noises increase leading to even more confusion. Turning up the centre level simply leads to an out of since system.
Chario make a range of centres, but this mid range unit is their most popular.

Phoenix has wonderful projection and clarity, making dialog a since to follow without blowing your head off with crazy volume levels. As a double bonus, as with all Chario speakers, they look gorgeous and are available in Walnut, Cherry, Black Gloss, Black Mat and white. So there should be one for every situation.

Come in and check it out.