Revel B12 - Thunder in a box

The Revel name is synonymous with high quality audio, and it will come as no shock to learn that their subwoofers rate as some of the best in the world for the price points.

The recently updated
B12 (stands for Bass speaker with twelve inch driver - who would have thunk it!) really is a box of thunder.

Weighing in at a well built 30kg it has an impressive 650 watts built in amplifier with an even more impressive frequency response all the way down to 28Hz with minimal drop off and actually works down to 23Hz - 10 dB. So expect the Earth to really move for you on this one.

But specs don't tell the complete tale. It's most impressive feature is plumbing these depths at lightning fast speeds. There's virtually no overhang.

This is achieved by a well built cabinet, electronics design, highly stiffened driver and an excellent amount of adjustment using the frequency adjustment dials on the back of the unit. After just fifteen minutes of careful set-up you should be ready to "Move air" as the Americans like to say.