Paradigm Reference Statement Subwoofer

Two subwoofers, two reasons why you will need to go see a Otolaryngologist (ear doctor), the Paradigm Sub 1 and Sub 2.

With the
Paradigm Sub 2 providing continuous RMS sustained power output of 4,500 Watts, peaking at over 9,000 Watts, be prepared to check the local sub station is up to standard or fear the wroth of your neighbours. Not only does the Sub 2 provide you with gut wrenching depths of bass down to 7 Hz, it borders on the insane providing 112 dB at 10 Hz and 126 dB at 60 Hz (in room). Trust me this is enough for any clinically insane person.

A clever vibration cancelling design mixed with multiple drivers, 6 in total provides the listener with information that is conveyed in a
precise clarity with pin sharp precision. By the way, did I mention the requirement to brush up on your body building skills, as this monster though small for its abilities ( 62 X 60 X 57 cm) comes in at a back breaking 106.0 kg’s!

If you have 1 minute 10 seconds spare, watch this