Mirage MX - The speaker system for people who hate speakers

Mirage MX system - The speaker system for those who hate speakers.

Masters of the miniscule, Mirage, has just brought out what is, even for them, a tiny sub sat system with incredible sound.

Utilising Mirages own patented Omnipolar design, they give an almost 360 degree sound scape from these palm size speakers and a simply amazing bass reproduction from the equally tiny 8” cube subwoofer with an impressive three driver array and 800 watt onboard amp.

Fully set up and on dem, these speakers are simply amazing giving a size of sound that belies their ridiculously small size.

Come in and be amazed.

Total Eclipse for total enlightenment

Eclipse has producing some miniature miracles for a good number of years, and their time alignment system has been well documented and very much heralded. Now, the introduction of the new TD307 mkII has raised the stakes considerably on the competition.

Stunning good looks and a choice of colours - Gloss Black, Gloss White and Silver - plus an amazingly clever mounting system making it easy to mount them on a shelf, the wall or the ceiling. These points alone make this speaker a winner. But, that would be completely missing the most important feature. Their sound quality.

For those of you who want a little less of the "throw everything at the listener but the kitchen sink" brigade, then the far more open and cultured sound of the Eclipse speakers will certainly appeal. Gone is that over the top tizzieness presented by many fashionable brands. Instead you'll find nothing but open, dynamic and a completely finished sound quality. There's no rough edges in this system. Clarity of voices, great reproduction of rear images and faithful steering of Dolby Digital and DTS sources really set these apart from the norm.

Oh and did we mention that they look fabulous?

JBL new look, even better sound.

We've always sold JBL's small home cinema series of speakers. They've always represented great value and real performance. But for the new season, they've pulled out all the stops with the launch of their CS480 5.1 set.

They've managed to squeeze out even more performance without raising the price. Truly a great achievement.

The set includes four of the very attractive - almost vase like - speakers, one centre channel and one 125 watt 8" driver active subwoofer. Just for good measure they also give you wall brackets and cable. All for a quite frankly very affordable £250.00

Need we say more. (the answer here is 'No' by the way!)

Come in and let your ears do the talking.

A Mirage by name, but not by nature.

The Mirage Nanosat series still leaves people in total bewilderment after their first listen. Quite how a speaker this size can sound this astonishing takes some getting used to.

Even more so is the fact that because of their unique Omnipolar technology, they sound just as good whether they are down on your rack or up inconspicuously by your ceiling. And that fact alone makes them almost unbeatable. However because of their design that make other brands seem flat sounding by comparison.

So come down and see us for a full demonstration of these incredible small wonders.

Oh, and as your coming to see a
Mirage, better bring plenty of water!