Fred's profile

Many believe Fred to be amongst the most honest men in the Hi-Fi industry, which is a great indication of just how well he's pulled the wool over everyone's eyes.

He has been in the Hi-Fi industry so long he can still remember when valve amplifiers were popular (hang on, aren't they really popular now?)

Others say that when Moses wrote down the original commandments, Fred tried to convince him to add - "Thou shalt not sell Technics in Hi-Fi shops" - to the list. Suffice to say he's seen it all and consequently he knows pretty much all there is to know especially about Hi-Fi (don't you just hate people who seem to know it all - especially when they actually do).

Originally in the RAF he eventually left (rumours of charges of court martial are completely untrue, besides, no one had even thought of iPods then, let alone tried selling them to the Air Force) and set out to make his mark upon the world. Finding it more difficult that he first though he decided on a different ploy and moved into the Hi-Fi industry. He's been here ever since.

Although he is officially retired, unofficially Tim won't let him have five minutes peace and so he can still be seen in the shop filling in where needed. Consider yourself lucky if you get to meet him. He's the real thing.

UPDATE* - Retired and moved away to be nearer his family, those of us still here wish him all the very best. We wouldn't be here if it hadn't have been for you.

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