The shop

It's just 26 years ago that Tim approached Fred to open a Hi-Fi shop in Lowestoft - "it will make us both rich beyond our wildest dreams" Tim promised Fred.

Well, nearly 25 years on their still £999,999.99 away from being millionaires so I think perhaps Tim lied a bit there.

Still it has been generally most enjoyable along the way.

Tim's profile

Educated very nearly to an almost legible degree in Chingford in London. Leaving school with honours and anything else he could fit under his jacket (you never know when a blackboard might come in handy) he worked for a company that imported Marine Fish.

His first months wages (and a good deal more besides - thanks mum) was spent on his first bit of Hi-Fi and he's never gotten over the bug. In fact he still hasn't paid his mum back!

Some years later he met a staggeringly beautiful woman with a mega hi IQ (that's what she told me to put) and asked her to marry him. Due to a severe bought of memory loss she can never actually remember saying yes but which ever way you look at it they have been together ever since.

Tim is a cheery sort of chap and always sees the funny side of things - and we won't hear anything said against him (primarily because his wicked temper might make us work even more hours for even less pay).

He is however a big believer in not taking life too seriously, and if you've seen his quote for my home cinema install then you'd have to agree on that one.

He's expecting to retire early at around 90 when he believes he will have saved up enough to get himself a pension to keep him in the style he has become accustomed to. He's fairly sure that about thirty quid a week should cover it.

Living in a fallen down shack on the surrounding area of Beccles he can be seen every weekend wandering his lawn saying - " that'll do for another week yet".

Written by an anonymous friend (and I'd like it to stay that way please!)

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