Nigel's profile

Nigel's been responsible for many of the custom install customers systems - and yet amazingly none of the court cases has been able to stick.

His craft and workmanship are second to none. That is to say that someone with none leaves Nigel second. However, frequently people keep coming back and using him again, so he must be doing something right.

His similarity to Ben from the flower pot men is pure coincidence as his brother Bill has told me on many an occasion.

His favourite love is heights, he can frequently be seen swinging from a dodgy bit of scaffolding and you can see his teeth so he must be smiling.

The originator of the Blue Peter style "a washing up bottle, some sticky back plastic and two toilet rolls is all you need" kind of work, there is pretty much nothing that he can't get round one way or another on those tricky installs.

He's great worry is meeting the elderly lady customer that asked "can I see your teeth, they look lovely", he's never really been the same since. He always now approaches our OAP female customers with a look of concern and an idling car waiting outside the door.

UPDATE* - Rare to see Nigel actually working on an install nowadays. However, he is quite often in the background, making our star ceilings, rewiring tone arms, fixing things that we've broken, or just generally helping Audio Images out when ever we're desperate enough to need him.

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