Dinky's profile

For those of you have ever seen the movie 'Resident Evil' then Dinky needs no explanation. For everyone else, please read below.

For those of you who really want to know, she is a Swedish Lapphund. A rare breed in the UK (less than a hundred, and if you've met her it's not difficult to see why) they hail from Sweden where they are used all over as herding dogs for cattle and most notably Deer. They are loyal, completely without fear, friendly and very intelligent. They are, historically speaking, proven to be the oldest breed of dog in the world. They are very talkative and their high pitched bark can be heard in the snow covered wastes for over three miles.

However, those who've met her will also know that our Swedish Lapphund was a bit of a reject model, coming as she does without the fitting of that all important extra - a brain. Usually laying by the door area she greets most people with a complete lack of interest whilst the others she herds, deer like, to the door.

For our customers benefit there is always a pack of chocolate buttons on the inside right of the main door. Give her one or two of these upon entry and you are guaranteed a friend for life.

UPDATE* - Sadly no longer with us. Missed by all.

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