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Much has been said about our computer guru, sadly most of it is unprintable and the rest almost certainly liable.

Solely responsible for the Worlds upturn in sales of AppleMacs, he converted us many years ago. We love them, however Adam takes it to new heights. His natty Apple logo'd underwear and matching socks are always a joy to see. It's just a shame he doesn't wear anything else as he does his weekly shop in Tesco's.

Living in his luxurious palace with heated pool, rooftop garden, helipad and private gazebo (we really would like to know what goes on there and what the goat is for?) he generally does internet work for the government (like a kind of James Bond but without the looks, guns, cars, travel etc etc...) but still finds time to sort out our never ending list of technical problems. We've all had the time where we've had to ring him to ask where the "any key" is.

He is however, a generous chap, and I understand he is going to give his employee Bill Gates a raise this year (you didn't really think he was the richest man in the world did you!).

He is a great animal lover (maybe that's what the goat is for?) and recently invented the self opening food bowl for his cat. It's a shame really that the cat hasn't quite got to grips entering the unlock code as she's definitely looking quite hungry.

Without doubt though his greatest affection lies with his mobile phones. He changes his phone more often than I change my underpants (no kidding, he has a new one every three months!) but promises to delay that when the new iPhone finally gets here.

We're genuinely worried about him on this one, it's a mobile, made by Apple. The 'Apple' side of his brain and the 'change his mobile' side of his brain will be locked in mortal combat.

He will probably just crash one day when walking round the shops and have to be formatted and re-botted.

UPDATE* - Far too busy to have time to tinker with our small time site now, so no longer anything to do with the website but moved on to successful pastures anew. We taught him everything he knows…. honest.

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