Johns profile

Seeking the very pinnacle of the audio visual experience John has ended up here (apparently no one else had a space). His vast knowledge of what’s up and coming, especially in the Home Cinema World means that he has a reliable insight into what to look for and what to ignore. For instance he’s been steering all of our customers away from speaking to Tim and Andrew, so he’s probably fairly accurate.

Many will have noticed that our shop window displays have changed more in the last three months than they have in the last twenty years. Coming to the shop of a morning is often a new experience for all of us and we’re all wondering whether one day we’ll arrive at the shop only to find it’s moved three doors down the street.

As with all of the staff at Audio Images, he does his best to tell you what really is, rather that waffle about what isn’t, but sadly, also like the rest of the staff he has a dry sarcastic sense of humour that so wins our customers hearts once they’ve recovered from the initial shock.

UPDATE* - Now giving his unique point of prospective in other areas in life, but can still be found occasionally taking up room in the shop.

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