Sprocket's profile

Visitors to the shop invariably come across our dog known as Sprocket.

Those interested in his breed might appreciate knowing that he is a Lapphund. Like Dinky before him (she was a Swedish Lapphund where as Sprocket is a Finnish Lapphund) Sprocket's background as a Lapphund means that he is amongst the oldest group of dogs ever recorded, even older than Pharaoh hounds, and has one of the highest intelligence ratings of any canine.

Sadly, unlike other Lapphunds, the intelligence bit seems to have jumped a generation. Consequently, if you find yourself being peered at from behind a wooden gate by an intellectually challenged slavering happy lump of fur, then that will be Sprocket. (Andrew has a similar vacant look on his face, but dribbles more, so you shouldn't get the two confused).

On the bright side, Sprocket doesn't posses a bad bone in his body (or indeed a braincell in his head), and is delighted to see absolutely everyone, regardless of race, colour, creed or indeed spending ability. Just be sure to get a good stance, as he tends to bowl you over with enthusiasm at first introduction.

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